Requirements for a Career in Singing

Recently, I upon a video of  distinguished voice teacher Vera Rosza (1971-2010) – whose students included Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Anne Sofie von Otter and Dorothea Roschmann among others – discussing a list she had compiled which outlined the basic ingredients for a successful career in singing.

Comprised of 19 items (Phew – Just 19!), the list reads as follows:

  1. Good Sensitive Ears
  2. Good Health
  3. Imagination
  4. Insight
  5. Magnetism
  6. Will Power
  7. Good nerves to face potential failures
  8. Musicianship
  9. Power of Communication
  10. Knowledge of an instrument other than the voice
  11. Knowledge of at least 2 languages
  12. No Stage Fright
  13. Artistic Temperament
  14. Concentration
  15. Dramatic Ability
  16. Personality
  17. Good Taste
  18. A total devotion to the Stage
  19. To be Extroverted on Stage

She concluded by saying: “To be any artist, you must have a heart of fire and a brain of ice”.

Some rather inspiring words.


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